So you've decide to build a new home? Congratulations!

This can be an exciting time in your life but it can also be hectic and stressful. You've picked your site and engaged a builder, construction is underway and now you want to organise a phone.

By the time your home reaches "lock-up" stage, you should have your external connection in place and ideally you will have organised for a pre-wire or 'first fix' to be done BEFORE your drywall (plaster board) is erected.


In order to connect a phone to your new home, you will need;

  • A regulation size trench dug (regulations require a telecommunication trench be no less than 300mm deep = residential, 450mm for rural) from the Telstra point of entry to your property, to the Telstra external building location (usually below your meter box)
  • Conduit and cable to be installed from the closest Telstra 'pit' to an external box connection
  • Wiring from the external connection to the various points in your home where you'd like a phone or computer
  • Face plates or 'points' installed in your walls
  • A handset purchased by you

You will need to contact your phone carrier at least 5 days before you move in, to organise your soft-dial tone to be connnected at their end


Call 3rd Planet Excavations direct on ph: 03 9740 2355 and speak to our helpful office staff. After getting a few details, they can register your job with Telstra on your behalf and make the initial booking to have your work done by 3rd Planet's qualified and accredited team.


Marking of trench for you to dig Locating the feeder line on your property, marking the safest and easiest direction from feeder to external house, (for our trench digging & back filling services please Click Here).
Pre-Wiring or 'First Fix' Installing wiring from external connection box to desired 'points' of your choice for phones/computers (prior to drywall/plaster board being erected) First 'point' FREE
Install one new/additional 'point' Run wiring from external connection along the inside of roof and/or walls to new/additional location and installing face plate or 'point' in wall

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