How do I get a phone line connection?

You will need to call Telstra on 132200 or another telephone service provider.  This will then generate a work order which will be sent to an approved Telstra contractor like ourselves. This usually takes up to 10 working days to get to the contractor so pre planning is recommended. You don’t want to lay a concrete driveway / pathways before the phone line is installed.

Do I have to pay for the trench on my property for the phone line install? Isn’t that included in the connection cost of the telephone service provider?

Yes, you do have to pay for the trench or any work required on your property.  The trench cost is separate to the connection cost.  You would pay the contractor for the trench work and the telephone provider for the connection. The contractor can quote for the work that is required.

My electrical has put the conduit in the ground but I can’t get connected, why would this happen?

There may be several problems, the conduit may not be to Telstra specifications, the conduit may have been damaged, and the conduit may not be connected to the Telstra supplied feeder that is on the property. We can do a site visit and evaluate what the problem is and quote for works required.

Who is responsible if the conduit for the phone line if it is damaged on my property?

The owner of the property is responsible for the conduit on their property.

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